Company Overview & Background

Shibuland Investment Ltd is a private company registered in Zambia. The company was established in 2016 by 9 independent commercial farmers, all being South African citizens holding a combined experience base in agriculture of 397 years, and Agri all Africa Zambia, an independent business focusing on the development and expansion of commercial agriculture in Africa with the head office based in Pretoria, South Africa and the Zambia office based in Kitwe, Zambia.

Shibuland Investment Ltd will develop the agro-pastoral sector in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia by producing short, medium- and long-term high-value crops, mainly for the export market to Europe and Asia. By producing and adding value to said commodities permanent and seasonal jobs will be created and skills will be transferred into the local population.


Our Mission

The processing and refining of high value crops will enable Shibuland Investment Ltd to establish a broad based out growers’ scheme, thus giving the local subsistence farmers the opportunity to evolve into small scale and medium scale commercial farmers.

Meet Chief Shibuchinga

The late Shibuchinga who was the first Chief in the Lufwanyama district of the Copperbelt Province that invited Agri All Africa (AaA) into his Chiefdom to share its vision of helping smallholder farmers to transform themselves into successful commercial farmers. AaA offered to provide the model and set up a commercialized agricultural value chain that will uplift the whole area in the medium to longer term.

The project was thus named after him and he laid the foundations of some of the community projects that were included in the business plan.

Our Location

The farm Shibuland North is situated between the T5 highway and the M18 highway> Shibuland South on the Kafue river near Mpongwe. Both in the development corridors of Central Zambia linking Angola and the DRC.

Area Map of Chingola
The farm Shibuland North is situated between the T5 highway and the M18 highway, on the development corridor of the Copperbelt Province.

Our Process

Shibuland Investment will develop the project in 2 phases:

Phase 1: Chankolamo Farm- a Fully developed commercial farm with a total of 530 ha under irrigation, 800 ha of cleared land ready for production and 1 670 ha of natural bush that will be cleared.

The farm is situated on the banks of the Kafue river with water rights to irrigate 1 500 ha. An application for additional water rights has been lodged.

During phase 1 cash crops such as sugar beans and high-value crops comprising of stevia, moringa and potatoes will be produced. Plants for blueberries and macadamia will be planted in the nursery to enable the second stage of phase 1 to be implemented.

Contact Us

+27 (0)76 231 2265

P/A Agri All Africa, 488A Sappers Contour, Lynnwood, Pretoria